Saturday, December 1, 2012

Coats and Cold

Cold. I don't see why cold isn't everyone's natural enemy. There should be no wars, battles, disagreements during the winter, because everyone should be united against a common enemy, the cold. Do people really like having to warm up their cars before they leave; bundling up in coats, mittens, hats, anything to keep warm; getting out of the hot shower into the cold bathroom; sleeping under blankets, and with socks, and long pajamas; and any of the other things to JUST. STAY. WARM.
All that snow.
Cold is definitely my enemy. I become a hermit yearly, and snow only drives me further into hibernation. Snow is annoying, it is cold, solid, and yet wet at the same time. It can get into things, and then, right when you flee it, it sticks to you, enters your home, and leaves its cold, wet traces at your feet. It is the enemy that one cannot simply dispel by leaving its territory: once you venture from the safety of warmth and into its stark iciness, it demands, and exacts, revenge.
Snow falling over the city of Roanoke, VA
But, coats are also my enemy. I hate coats. They are restricting, bulky, cumbersome. You have to put it on, take it off just to drive, put it on again, and take it off when again indoors. Some of them have hoods, some don't; some of those hoods work, some don't; if the sleeves have elastic, they are scratchy and tight, but if the sleeves don't have elastic, then the cold can get in. So coats don't work for me. Don't get me wrong, I wear them. But I do wait until I absolutely must, until there is nothing left, no other layers possible to put on, before I do. I haven't, yet, this year. Maybe I won't have to.