My Story

I redesigned this blog to reflect my return to Catholicism. There are many books about how to incorporate the life of the Church into your daily life. The ones for Traditional Catholics are, dare I say it, old. If you can find them, they are priceless. But in this day of blogs and online information ready at our fingertips, I'm striving to fill a gap, collecting many old traditions, and posting pictures, stories, and soon, recipes and decoration ideas for feasting on feast days, fasting on fast days, and explaining the symbolism in the Church's ceremonies, sacraments, and history.
This year I'm going to focus on writing at least once weekly, with a goal of 2-3 times a week, and focus on the topics of Saint's life (or feast day) of the week, Frugal homemade dishes, and the duties of a wife and mother. Hopefully by Lent I'll be able to write a few more times a week, and introduce or re-introduce other features, like book of the month, and writing more frequently on other topics.
I can be contacted via Facebook and email. I also have a Twitter and Pinterest account. Twitter I use infrequently, to help others find my latest posts and to comment on various sites. Pinterest I use to share follow ups to my own posts, as well as information about saints or articles that I enjoy reading about the Catholic faith. For instance, when I wrote a post about gardening, I shared some more in-depth articles about some of the topics that I'm not an expert on.
I am working on monetizing this blog through Adsense and Amazon Affiliates. If I can help to support my family in a small way this way, I would like to do so. I unfortunately don't completely understand how Adsense works, so I don't know if I can drastically change what you see or whether those links are Traditional Catholic in any way. The Amazon Affiliate program allows me to earn a small percentage of whatever you buy from Amazon when you access it through a link on my site, at absolutely no cost to you! If you enjoy reading this blog and can help support it in this way, I'd be grateful.
This blog has made quite the journey. I started it when I had lost my faith, and it was a dark time for me. I've kept the original blog posts, the "drama galore" web addresses, although I've changed the title and names as much as possible. While I am proud of the writing, I may not be as proud of the content; but if my story can bring even one more soul to God, who am I to take it down? I refocused, and started writing on a schedule that makes me happy, although it was erratic. This year, expect articles at least every Monday, but I'm also aiming for Wednesday and Friday as well.
 I am a traditional Catholic wife and mother, I am working on an Associate of Art's degree with emphasis in History and English; I have the honor of being a stay-at-home mom who now works once a week outside the home; and I have been told that I can be funny. What I do know is that I love bacon, I love writing and photography, and I love my husband and  my daughter. I also suffer from depression, and I explain all that entails. Thanks to loads of pressure to prove myself a good mother, I got hit with postpartum depression too, but I made it through with a lot of help from my dear husband. Welcome to my life.