Sunday, December 16, 2012


So, I got a job, right? And training started this week. And my blog posts ran out. And, horror of all, my computer broke. So, the available time to write was absolutely none. You all deserve an explanation, so here it goes!
So, I went to train in Dixon, IL this week. Unfortunately, that is a 2 hour trip for me... one way! So my schedule was pretty much sleep until  5 am, leave the house by 6:30, and get to Dixon via Stockton before 8:30 for class. On average, classes lasted until at least 4, if not 4:30 pm. And sometimes later. On top of all this, my grandparents were in from Mississippi, which was great! but I wanted to spend as much time with them as possible. So, that made for some pretty late nights. When I got home, I would just pass out until 5 the next morning. There wasn't anything else to do, because my computer inexplicably broke by Tuesday morning. So, lots of car time, lots of family time, lots of doing something when I was used to doing pretty much nothing. And absolutely no "me time"!
Let's add insult to injury. I never got to spend any real time with my boyfriend, because I was so tired, I would just sleep, and he had to go to bed early anyhow. I don't blame him, I was tired too. And I  got more hours than he did this week! Also, my meds got upped, so my body's in the process of getting used to it... and so far, I can't wait until the bad dreams, the constant crying, and the hunger go away.
All that to say, there was no way I could have posted. And I apologize. And I hope you haven't giving up on me. You readers that I know aren't there.