Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Long Winter: The Seasons, part 1

Well, I found this short story that I wrote a while ago, and I don't think it's terrible. I'd like to see what you think!

Snowflakes gently drop from the sky. Chickadees look for seeds, but it has been a long winter and food is scarce. The occasional deer passes by, waiting for spring to come. The groundhog saw his shadow, so winter is still here. For a little bit longer, at the very least.
She looks from the safety of her house, praying for winter to end. She is unused to these long, cold times; winter where she came from was short, and just cold enough to allow for a white Christmas. Nothing in the negative degrees. And definitely no snowfalls measured in feet, rather than inches. Spring can't arrive soon enough.

*This is a short story, in every sense of the phrase. So the parts are about 2-3 paragraphs each.