Monday, December 3, 2012

Pure Comprehension

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wat is it bowt takin leik thiz? i mene it go gude netime netime it go baed. de peeps it leik they dontts nerstand wat i b tryin 2 sae but i got it al figured ut. i think u just puute wateve u feelelel lieks tiping n it worxxx? amirite???? it liek gude this wae cause no won kant totes get wat im tring 2 sae. ne wae,, at least i have alll yalll 2 help me. ermagerd this wae of spelling is getting harder and harder. WHY DO PEOPLE TYPE LIKE THIS? DO YOU REALLY HAVE NO CLUE HOW TO TURN YOUR CAPS LOCK OFF?????? OR ARE YOU AN EXPERT AT KEEPING YOUR PINKY ON THE SHIFT KEY????? BECAUSE I CAN'T. AT LEAST THE PEOPLE WHO TYPE LIKE THIS ACTUALLY USUALLY HAVE SOME SORT OF COMPREHENSION OF BASIC GRAMMAR, PUNCTUATION, AND SPELLING. JUST MAYBE NOT COMPUTERS.
It can't be just me
Anywho, just getting really frustrated at the world for not using proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Or observing common courtesy on the internet. Why do people feel the need to simply insult others? Without even trying to reach a harmony, the curse words and the insults are brought out. I have seen someone attack someone else for having the same opinion, due to something that an explanation could have made clear. And this behavior is following the population out of the internet, and into the personal interactions of the human kind. And that's how you tie your description into a blog post. BOO-YAH!