Friday, December 7, 2012

Paranoia? What's That?

So, we have two pretty creepy cats. One jumps at walls, curtains, water, anything that moves, and has no measurable sense of smell. The other is really creepy. She doesn't relax. Ever. Even when she is sleeping. She usually perches on top of a couch, all scrunched up; all you can see is an amorphous mass and her head. Her torso, legs, tail, neck literally meld together. She doesn't even lie on her side, but stays upright. She is always watching me. I'm not paranoid. I'm also not crazy, my mother had me tested. She really dislikes me. I wouldn't say, hates-- I'm not worthy of that much of her attention. And hates implies that at first she loved me, or at least had the potential. Creepy cat doesn't have the potential to truly love anyone besides herself. But she definitely does not love the fact that since I have become part of her owner's life, I have A) cut down on the attention she used to have and B) became a supply of attention she desperately avoids.
She's watching me. Even in the darkness.
And yet, I have taken this cat under my wing. I give her food without her begging me. I make sure she gets to play. I keep my cat under control when necessary. I encourage the boyfriend to take her on dates, to play with her and pamper her. Still, we are at a stalemate. And I don't see it getting better in the future.