About this Blog

My daughter's welcome into the Catholic Church
This is a Catholic blog, written for Catholics to learn more about their faith, and for non-Catholics to learn more about the Catholic faith. This is not a debate blog, it is an information blog, and as such, some things are taken for granted.These things are: 
                    God exists, and He has appointed a Church on Earth to teach men about Him, and how He wishes to be worshipped.
                    This Church is the Catholic Church, which is governed by an established hierarchy. 
                    Just as we defer to doctors in questions of health, to lawyers in questions of law, to any other authority made so because of their knowledge and studies, we defer to the priests, bishops, and ultimately the Pope in questions of religion and morals.
                    This obedience to the Church's teachings is not blind, but often ultimately logical. The Church encourages our questions, because then we will be able to defend our faith.
Consecration to Our Lady
This blog is dedicated to the example of perfect Motherhood: Our Lady, and places itself underneath the defender of the Faith against the heresy of Modernism: St. Pius X, both pictured in the image above.