Friday, November 30, 2012

One for the Road

Music does the most amazing things to you. I love it. It literally is able to express my feelings perfectly, whether through others' words, tunes, and rhythms, or my own compositions. You can always be in the mood for music. Music is constantly available, whether on the internet, on the radio, on a computer, on some other means. There is now a website which actually comes up with playlists that you select according to the Day, Time of Day, Activity, and then what genre you like. So, music is definitely for everyone.
Have you ever experienced that feeling when, after listening on the radio in your car to some bad songs, some okay songs, and a lot of commercials, THE song comes on? You know what I mean. How do normal people react? I have absolutely no clue. But when I'm driving, I go all out. I start using my drums. I punch the top of my car. I am absolutely free, yelling as loud as I can sing, and I don't care who sees me. (I live in the country, so usually, nobody). If P!nk tells me to raise my glass, I Raise. That. Glass! If Dean Martin tells me to sway, then guess what? I sway.

*So, I wasn't paid for any reference here. Just to be clear, the song Sway was sung by Dean Martin, and Raise Your Glass was sung by P!nk. And I'm referring to Songza as the website in the first paragraph.