Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Beginning: The Seasons, part two

So this is the continuation. I have to say here, I get a lot of inspiration from Evelyn Waugh, and William Faulkner. This story is also in homage to Willa Cather, whom I respect.

A light drizzle is showering the countryside. The days become longer; birds' calls are heard everywhere. All traces of snow are slowly melting away. A family of rabbits emerges for their morning adventure. Spring, though late in coming, is here.
Her soul soars with the swallows. Their child is almost ready to be brought into the world; and she glances down with love. Their home is not too far form the nearest town, and her neighbors are friendly and helpful. Not once, not even in the hard winter, has she regretted marrying this man. The seasons here in the country are more intense and beautiful than the suburbs'. He brought her flowers, seeds, and dug a flower bed; and so, she watches the flowers grow in her garden.