Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Deutschland ist Wunderbar

So, I can see lots of things about this blog. Things like how many people look at it, where they are coming from, where they live (by country), when people look at the blog, what posts they are watching, the list goes on. Creepy, huh. That's me!
Anyhow, I really want to thank everyone who reads this. I really do appreciate it. But especially my one viewer from Germany. I only have one, but it is kind of... how shall I put it? Appropriate. Ich lerne Deutsch ins eine klasse auf universitat. I'm not great, but I try.
So, this is just a short little post saying that I'm grateful.
Ermagerd, er thernk thert er erm gertting ther herld erf thers. Er cern't ser fer ser, bert merber. Thers ers erxhersterng. Her cern perpler terp lerk thers? Ert bergs ther herl ert erf mer!!!