Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Anyone out there?

Anyone else procrastinate? I guess the else is what betrayed me, huh? I have this weird thing: I will absolutely put off as long as possible... ANYTHING! Whether I want it or not, unless I'm actively doing it, I will keep trying to do whatever I'm doing until I have to stop and change activities? Understand? Didn't think so. 
Realization: I am a swan. Or lily of the valley. Or both.
See, I really think this blog is a good thing. It keeps the creativity going, and if I can do this long enough, I might actually develop a habit of writing; that means, that I can actually start on my book, rather than simply thinking about it. But I really like writing, and once I start, the words just start coming. Not always the right ones, but that's what the backspace key is for. Right? So I've decided to write 2 blog posts a day, so that eventually I'll have a bank of them and will be able to take a break. Like the occasional weekend or something. And here's the catch: both posts have to be started, and pretty much finished, before midnight. So what have I started doing? Staying up until 10 doing absolutely nothing, and then quickly trying to pound out 2 great posts in 2 hours. This is a hit or miss system.
System of last minute panic. Like any good student.
But the system is working, and it stops my mind from staying awake once I do actually head back to bed, kick the cats out of my spot, and tumble in. Also, it keeps me from worrying about the next day. This didn't work last night, but then again I was worried about my first day at a new job. Writing has greatly helped my depression... whenever I get pretty upset, I have been known to write anything. So doing this on a regular basis should be like taking a daily vitamin, instead of just echinacea and vitamin C when I have a cold. Right?
I should just relax. With this. There's a plan.
I hate asking for favors, but writers are notoriously needy. Yes, I'm going to put the "n" word out there. Also the "c" word. So if I am in anyway funny, annoying, stupid, brilliant; if you can put an adjective to the posts that you read... dare I ask... can you leave some kind of comment? Just to let me know that I should keep this project up. I'm going to write for a month; if the end of month comes, I'll let the rest of the posts finish up, and then maybe not worry about keeping my non-existent readers happy. Thanks!