Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Lost Colony

Hotel Roanoke, VA
I can't think of anything to write, so I'm going to engage in a open mind exercise with this picture. It's a really ritzy hotel in Roanoke, Va., called "Hotel Roanoke"! Boy, these rich people must be absolute geniuses. Genii? I wouldn't know, just a humble working-class citizen. But it is a magnificent structure, even on such a cloudy day. Thank goodness for my photography class, and fancy camera!
So, when I first heard of Roanoke, I thought, "Oh cool! the first civilization in Virginia! The island of the lost colony!" I was pretty psyched; as a History major, this is one of the real mysteries that begs to be solved, and yet, it seems pretty much forgotten by mankind. There is a movie about it, and still America has no clue. I told my boyfriend, obviously assuming that we would be near the Atlantic, and he corrected me. No, Roanoke Virginia, my friends, is a modern, land-locked town. Not the Williamsburg that I was hoping for. Oh well. Deo Volente, we will be seeing something of the Civil War during our visit there this Christmas season; the Civil War is my third era of interest. So much happened, and as the proud true Southern grand-daughter of Robert E. Lee, I hold the War of Northern Aggression very close to my heart. But more on that later.