Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Ultimate Goal

I love food. Who doesn't? I like learning how to cook, and I think I've done a lot of learning over the past years. My dad taught me how to cook when I was little, and my Grammy taught him. Growing up, I loved when Dad was home, or when Grammy and Grandaddy came to visit. The food that I learned how to cook was amazing, and I discovered one of my many non-talents! I often participated in the cooking activities in boarding school, and I payed attention to how the food was cooked for dinners and lunches. Then I went to Minnesota, and I was too poor to buy ready-made food, so I learned even more what it was to cook delicious food, and lots of butter was not always the answer. Traveling to France was the real opportunity for me though. I got a lot of kitchen experience, and learned how to love pâté, make crepes, and cook food that not only tasted good, but looked good too. Does anyone like my food? Not really, but at least I eat cheap and well. And I do love cooking, it relaxes me.
I've really been thinking about lobster though. I really want lobster. That Red Lobster commercial is going to be the death of me, it looks better and better every time it airs. Most foods go in cycles for me, mainly I think because growing up, we ate many of the same foods in schedules. Mom really doesn't like cooking, and she did mostly the same food week after week. Virginia Baked Ham, shaved, 1 lb. White American Cheese, sliced thin, 1/2 lb. Provolone Cheese, thin, 1/2 lb. That was lunch, every day, Monday through Thursday. And we enjoyed the same monotony for breakfast and dinner. For example, we had 4-6 different Sunday dinners, each in its own season. Spring, ham. Summer, steak. Fall, pulled pork. Winter, turkey. And we sometimes included chicken, kebabs, and brats. Never changing. And I really think this influenced the way I crave foods.
The only one that I never crave is ice cream. I can have that at any time, even if I just ate a filling meal. Ice cream is delicious. I tease my boyfriend by saying that although he is my world, so is ice cream. He's not jealous, luckily. Vanilla and strawberry are my favorite, with Oreo, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and Butter Pecan occasionally enjoyed. You know, I hate McDonalds, but they do cheap ice cream right. That soft serve, creamy, just enough for a special treat, is delicious. Saving the 75 cents once a week for a quick cone was my highlight this summer. If only they had the special year round!
Another food I love is cheese. But that's worth its own post.