Saturday, January 5, 2013


Well, the holidays are safely over. Everyone giving a special cheer right now? I sure am. I'm finally working, and looking to definitely be working, not training, by the middle of this month. YAY! I love training, because nothing can be really blamed on me, after all, I don't know all the tricks of the trade, all the people I need to know, how to deal with most of the situations (basically, I have the best, most plausible excuse in the world). But I also hate training, because I do like working, I do like figuring things out, I do like being the problem solver. As a trainee, no one knows how far along you are in training, so a lot is repetition. But a lot is also sometimes assumed. They assume you know everyone's name, you know what to do with your time. And usually, businesses schedule the people they need. No more, and usually no less. There are exactly enough people to get everything done. Add a trainee in there, and someone's just following the workers around, feeling like a fifth wheel. But I'm pretty sure I'll be done in a week or so.
Anywho, how was everyone's Christmas? Unnecessary question, right? I'm sure everyone's was peachy. That's my boyfriend's code for "nasty, but I really don't want to complain". It was different for me. I was just getting off of unemployment, so no money, and I didn't spend it with my family, but with my boyfriend's, which was obviously weird. It made me desperately homesick, really moody, and it was one of those holidays which didn't really feel like one. I just can't wait until we have a family, and can keep doing the traditions I'm used to, like shoes on the 6th, stockings, and Epiphany gifts, also on the 6th (December and January, respectively).
I know everyone says that Christmas is a child's holiday, but why must we wait for the drunkeness of New Year's Eve to have ours? I vote that adults get to participate in this children's holiday. I really couldn't care less how parents choose to present their gifts, but my family gets theirs from Mom & Dad, Grammy & Grandaddy, and we open gifts one at a time, in order of age. No one takes the spotlight, and everyone gets to be excited. Join me to take back the holiday!