Thursday, January 31, 2013

Famous Family

I'm a great fan of the Deschanel sisters. They are both funny, talented, and beautiful. My favorite is definitely Emily, but this is probably because I am definitely swayed by Dr. Temperance Brennan. Bones is awesome. I love that show. And the whole family is famous. I mean, I didn't think I knew anything about their parents, but then, I looked them up (thanks, IMDb!), and it appears I love most of their films. And these always bring up the question, nature or nurture? Did these two beautiful girls go into the showbiz because they were born to, or because they were conditioned to? I always argue in the face of both. Take my family, I am obviously an outlier (this is a word, dumb computer spell-check!), because I am brilliant and a girl, as opposed to my brothers, who are, well, boys. (Every woman knows that boys are stupid). I remember what an outlier is, thanks to my expensive Statistics class. But I digress.
My family has two sides, the classical, literary side, and the science, technical side. I am on the former. Totally. I'm no good at math or science; the only thing that stopped me from becoming a neo-natal nurse was because you would have to memorize 106 bone names. Or is it 107? Not to mentions all the 20 systems of the body. Like respiratory, or heart-a-tory, or the one with your skin. But History, English, the Languages, I can do that! And this goes to prove that it's nature, right? I mean, you're born with a "good at languages" gene, right? But that's science, and I know nothing about science.
But there are a lot of actors that don't have acting in their background. Take Evanna Lynch, the girl who plays Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter movies. She was just good. And determined (if you don't know her story, look it up). And this gives me hope for my children. They have a shot at celebrity. And they don't have to be tied to their roots. That's very important for me, because I value freedom and independence a lot. I hate having to answer to people, and I love just being able to do something, write something, without having to explain why I did what I did. And I want the same thing for my children.