Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Chicken/Tuna Roulette

Can you tell which one's the chicken, and which is tuna?
Everyone hates Mondays. Including me. But Mondays aren't actually the worst day of the week. For me, that's Wednesdays. Because it holds the tantalizing hope of the middle of the week, and the realization that there is still half a week left to suffer from. This problem can be characterized as the glass half full (optimist) vs. the glass half empty (pessimist). And I'm very much a pessimist. For me, Mondays still have that refreshment of the weekend. Sure, it's hard to go back to work for most people, but I am still stimulated by the weekend energy. I don't spend Sundays having lots of fun, instead, I usually stay in my pj's and watch TV. And sleep, play on my computer, and otherwise just relax. So I'm well- rested and ready for work.
Beef. Because Chickens can't spell.

But by Wednesday, all that's changed. I look on the past week, and I can only think that I still have 1/2 a week to go. And on Monday, the house is full of food; we go shopping on the weekend. By Wednesday, I'm trying to figure out why the good, easy stuff is gone, and what to make that doesn't include chicken or tuna. Also, the canned vegetables and soups in the cupboard. Should I make a menu for each week? Sure. Do I? Heck, no. That would mean planning ahead, being responsible, avoiding some terrible fate of chicken and green beans. I'm too busy enjoying the chicken/tuna roulette.