Thursday, November 29, 2012

Motion? It's Alive!

Who understands them? Cats, I mean. I think Rudyard Kipling was the one to get closest to it. "The cat that walks by itself". You should read it. I mean, I'm laying in my bed, and my cat lays down on top of me. That doesn't bother me. Then she sees skin. It could be my nose, my foot, my elbow. It could be my pinky toe. Whatever. She attacks it. Not with claws or teeth, but with her tongue. I mean, why? Why does she have this NEED to lick me before I even wake up? And if I leave my hand out of the blankets, she forces me to pet her. She literally shoves her head under my palm, and moves underneath it repeatedly.
I need all your attention. But only when I say. Sometimes I don't want any.
So, I finally get up, and she follows me like a dog out to the couch. Today's one of those I don't have to do anything days, except I'll have to clean the bedroom. But I'll do that at noon; so I have the morning free. Checking my internet sites-- Facebook, some blogs, email-- the cat rubs up on everything. My keyboard, my screen, the remote. So I pick her up and scratch her head violently. Then I let her go. So as I'm writing this, she settles down next to me on the arm of the couch, and just sits, purring.
We love this big window!
Looking out a window! I live to do this!
Also, their fascination with windows. Both my cats just sit in the window all day, doing nothing, just sleeping. It's November. It's not like the windows are insulated or anything,  and we don't get enough sun. Maybe it's that. They are definitely inside cats. The older one has always lived inside, from a kitten. The little one, my cat, was born outside. We had to chase her around just to get her. But she's an idiot, can't remember anything. For example, she goes to the water bowl to get a drink of water. As she's drinking, she notices the water moving. Bumping the tray gets the same movement. OMG!! So off goes the water tray. We've tried everything to keep it from spilling. We moved it from the floor, where it would slide around, put it under a cabinet to keep it from moving... nothing works. So she knocks it over, and I don't fill it until later, so that they know what happens when you knock the tray down... spilled water and nothing to drink.
Moving thing! Must. Attack. Predator!!!
And toys? These two cats are extreme opposites. Boyfriend got cat one almost a year before we started dating, and he would buy a lot of toys and treats for her. But most of these are in okay condition. When I moved in, I demanded a cat of my own. Cat one pretty much hates me for taking her place. So, enter cat two, the sweetest, most annoying cat in history! She can turn anything into a toy, including pens, straws, and random pieces of plastic. Just carrying them around is exhilarating. I found a bouncy string toy, not meant for cats, and hung it. Now, she jumps at that, and moves it herself. She pushes, the toy moves, it is obviously alive, and must be killed. Cat one doesn't do this. The only moving thing that gets her interested is the infamous red dot. Why must my cat be the crazy, overweight one? Why???