Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dishes? Nah.

Everyone says that the time right after you graduate is one of the hardest of your life. But this is a total over-exaggeration, intended to scare students to "keep on going", possibly just a marketing ploy for colleges, computers, and ramen noodles. After all, the only ones who actually benefit from a long college career are the schools attended, the need for ever greater technology, and the need for cheap, easy-to-cook food. So, the huge conspiracy to drive students into ever greater debt, just for the elusive reward of a great job, and to avoid the dreaded "just graduated but don't have a job yet" phase. Or at least, hold that phase off for a little bit.
I get to annoy my cats in the name of Art!
Well, due to lack of funds and an unwillingness to drive myself into a huge amount of debt, I graduated with (shock) an A.A. degree. And no, I'm not an alcoholic (yet). For the academic world, it means Associate of Arts. For the real world, it means I should just apply to McDonald's and get over with it. But, I am determined to do better... probably from a misplaced sense of self-worth, or some of the delusions that I fool around with. Wow, I need a job... Anywho, let's pretend that didn't just happen. Moving forward.
And I can really understand this cartoon.
So today I have a job interview. Surprisingly enough, I've made it to the second interview. This has never happened to me before! So obviously, I'm trying hard to make a good impression. I've figured out what I'm wearing, I washed my hair, I've done all the things a responsible adult does daily. And I thought, wow, why don't I do this everyday? And then I thought, why do others do this every day? And then, well, maybe most of the recently-graduated, Associate-degreed, jobless young people actually do go through a pattern of favoring watching the latest TNT marathon of Bones over taking a shower or doing the dishes.
Also, time to extensively search the internet for stuff like this!
Well, this is way off topic. I wasn't going to write such a philosophical essay at first. Looks like you'll get another topic later! And don't forget, "If you think all detectives are the same, let Patrick Jane change your mind" (TNT commercial).