Thursday, February 18, 2016

First Week in Lent

The first week of Lent is almost over, and I hope it went well for you. It went pretty well for me. Every year, I make specific resolutions, but sometimes they don't quite work out, so I always leave myself open to new ones. Besides, if something that I planned isn't working out, and I am inspired by the Holy Ghost for another one, doesn't He know better than I do how to get to Heaven and please God? So far, the only one that hasn't worked is taking 40 things a day to donate or throw out. That was replaced by not watching Netflix at work... I'd developed a habit of watching a Netflix show during my last hour of work, because not many people come in and I'm done with my chores; I also decided to spend more time focused on my daughter and not on the computer, or playing a game or reading a book. We are reading more together, playing together a little longer, and eating breakfast and lunch together, and as a result, she's more likely to play by herself and seems more content instead of constantly demanding my attention or whining.

I've had this background done since the beginning of the week, and I know it's probably too late, but I'm putting it here just in case. I'll be more diligent in getting next week's out. I love the quotation that I've found for it.
Psalm from the Epistle on Sunday
For the rest of this week, I'm simply going to post an easy dinner (Stromboli), and try to get in a post about young children and Lent, specifically children my daughter's age (that's about all the experience I have right now). Let me know what your strategies are for teaching children the importance of sacrifice and Lent!
Preview of tomorrow's post
Next week and week 3 are generally the hardest weeks of Lent for me. Ash Wednesday is such a short week, and the first week I'm still gung-ho about everything, so I do well. By week 2, the novelty has worn off. Let's make a new resolution together to stay strong, so that with St. Paul on Easter Sunday, we can say "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith".