Sunday, February 21, 2016

Second Week of Lent

Hi everyone! I hope your Lent is still going strong. I had some weak moments here and there, especially in doing my practice of the day, but I am renewing my resolutions and intentions today. 

Speaking of falling, this quotation by St. Francis de Sales is what inspired my renewal, and I've put it on a new computer background for you (and me, let's be honest) to remember every time I log on to my computer. I'm also going to implement a trick I learned a while ago, I forget from where. I don't have a password on my computer (don't need one), but I'm going to put one on today. When setting a password (especially not an important one), use a word that you want to remind yourself of. For example during Lent, using my resolutions, I can type in silence, no sweets, prayer, playtime, duty (of state), or 40steps, and by typing in a keyword to remind me of my resolutions and keeping them on my mind, I will hopefully keep them at the front of my mind, and not at the back.

This whole week, the Church reminds us to ask God for help in keeping our fast. This applies to both the literal fast that was obligatory for all adults ages 18-59 during the season of Lent (now sadly no longer in practice, but still observed by many, if not all, traditional Catholics), but also to the resolutions we and our children have made. If we think we can make it through this journey alone, without the help of God or the saints, then surely we will fall down.
"O God, Who sees that we are wholly destitute of strength, keep us within and without: that we may be defended in body from all adversity: and cleansed in mind from evil thoughts."