Thursday, February 25, 2016

Easy Salmon Dinner for Fridays

So, I made this dinner for yesterday because I've given up eating meat on Wednesdays during Lent. This normally would have been our Friday meal, but I wanted to blog about it this week and we are going to have pizza on Friday instead of yesterday. I usually don't prefer to include my non-Lent practicing husband or my too-small daughter in my own penances, but I'm also not going to make 2 meals, and is baked salmon really a penance? I'm going to use the leftovers in a tuna salad kind of way for lunch on Friday. Looking forward to it!

Anyhow, I forgot to take an after picture. The salmon stayed nice and pink, and tasted delicious. I basically used this recipe from My Natural Family, but like usual, definitely took liberties with it. Most of my changes were because I didn't shop for this recipe and didn't have some of the ingredients on hand. I mostly just use recipes as starting points for safety things like how long to cook and at what temperature anyway.
Instead of lemon, I used orange,  and instead of salt & pepper, I used a
spice mix that I love. Also didn't use the fresh herbs.

I needed to microwave for 45 seconds to get everything melted.

The prep work was very easy and fast, as promised. I used my new silicone mats on the baking sheet instead of parchment paper, and love that I ended up getting them. They are definitely worth the investment! Cooking was fast too.

Before the oven... next time I'm not going to melt the butter.
Placed on top shelf
Cook in preheated oven at 400 F...

... for about 10-12 minutes.

And that's it! Eleanor finished some of hers, (she's been eating wonky lately), and Matt went back for more, which is always a good sign.