Wednesday, March 20, 2013


So, I used to write a lot of poetry, and while I'm not Shakespeare, T.S. Eliot, or Alexander Pope, it's been called a good beginning, and I've been told that with commitment and practice I could be good. Without further ado, here are three pieces I wrote last Friday. Like Emily Dickinson's, they are on scratch paper.

Maybe Some Hope

There is something in the way
A diamond catches the eye
That gives me hope.

There is something in the smile
Of a friendly passerby
That gives me hope.

There is something in the rain
And a rainbow in the sky
That gives me hope.

And there is something in the voice
Of a loved one not near by
That gives me hope.

Creation and Vocation

O, to write a book,
Create a new dimension
Where knight fight off dragons
And people talk to snails!

O, to have a family,
Create a new direction,
Where parents are inspired
By their children's imagination!

O, to find a path
Create a thoughtful yearning
Where students come in cold
But leave the room, burning!


Is it so wrong
To love one person,
But also wish
That bond was broken?
Isn't it possible
To have conflicting dreams;
Both are valuable,
And each one in reach.
But to follow them both
One person is not able,
For the paths that lead
Are their own antonyms.
How can one want
Both fame and seclusion?
Wealth and poverty
Come never together.

So, enjoy. Feel free to ask questions! These are in the order that I wrote them. Can you tell that as the night wore one, I grew more tired and (dare I say it) hopeless? At least I started in a good place!