Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

Our first picture together
Happy Mother's Day to all my readers! This is my first Mother's day with Eleanor, and while it has been a little bittersweet, it was very relaxing. Yesterday was the day we really celebrated, because we thought that Hubby was going to have to work; luckily he doesn't have to. Yesterday started by officially changing my name. It only took 1.5 years! I also changed my address on the license, registered to vote under my new name, and renewed my license for the next 4 years. So I figure I have 4 years to complain about this license picture and figure out how to get a better one. We went to brunch to a great breakfast place, Sunrise Café. I always love their breakfasts and homemade pies, but I've only finished my meal when I was pregnant and breastfeeding! Because the day was so pretty, we picked up some chicken and plums to grill, some of my guilty pleasures: Stouffer's mac and cheese and the latest new Mt. Dew for today, and went home. We almost went to some garage sales, but Eleanor and I wanted to relax a little after getting home from a 2 week trip to Kansas for my sister's Confirmation. All in all, a very relaxing day both yesterday and today.
Right after Eleanor was dedicated to Our Blessed Mother
While we remember our mothers, and celebrate being mothers, this day is good to remember all those who have taken a mothering position in our lives. For me, that means praying especially for my teachers, the Dominican Nuns of Fanjeaux, to whom we gave the name of Mother. I pray, and now marvel at, my own mother, with whose parenting I may not always agree (yes, that stick of broccoli is fine, no need to pre-chew the baby food!), but whose strength amazes me. I can't spend 2 weeks away from my husband without hurting, but because we as children needed and still do need a good education, my mother has spent much time without her helpmate. I pray for my godmother, who has offered up countless prayers and sacrifices for me, and whom I always take for granted.
Over a year of mothering this Sweetheart, since October 2013
It is fitting that Mother's Day should fall in May, the month celebrating the Blessed Virgin Mary. She is the Mother of all Catholics, ever since Christ said from the cross "Woman, behold thy Son" (John 19:26). Mother's Day is a good day for the May Crowning, as we pay tribute to our mothers, showing tribute to the Mother of God herself.
Our Lady, becoming a Mother