Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wedding Plans

So, I'm getting married. Yeah, me?! Anyhow, I spent all last night thinking about where to go. I have an itinerary planned for the most part now: that is, I know where I want to eat and sleep. That's what's important, right? I haven't told my fiancé about it yet, but he'll agree with me, because he's awesome. Of course, this should be obvious, because I'm marrying him.
I like to say that we picked the last day of summer for a good reason, but we didn't. We wanted to get married sooner rather than later, picked October 5th; but when the closest date before that was September 21, we said okay! I am excited, but according to some lists I still have 76 things to do. I keep meaning to lose a little weight, but somehow never get around to it. I've been dealing a lot with depression; but that's for a different post. Anyhow, back to our honeymoon.
We are just going to take 2 days in Dubuque, the crime capital of the Midwest. That's going to be exciting. But more seriously, I am excited to share wig home the choices I have picked out. I also can't wait to share it with you, my dear readers, after I get the thumbs up!
I know this is a crappy post, but I figured better something than nothing. His should help me get writing again.
Until next time!