Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Book Title for August: The Art of Catholic Mothering

August Book Discussion
I chose this book as the first for several reasons. Firstly, this blog is written by a woman, and while I propose to write about matters that concern both mothers, fathers, and young adults of marrying age and vocation, I freely admit that the content is skewed towards mothers, both present and future. However, I do believe that it would be good for men to read this collection of stories, so that they may more fully understand the other half of the coin. Secondly, it is pretty short, consisting of 12 easily read stories written by mothers, grandmothers, and at least one great-grandmother. Lastly, it deals with the dilemma of parents who were raised in a pre-conciliar Church, and who were charged with the task of raising their children in a world where Catholicism is no longer unadulterated, having to fight for the Church of All Time on a very basic level, that of education.

As I wrote above, there are 12 stories. I will discuss a new story 3 times a week. This won't necessarily be the same format for discussion every month, as that depends on the books. Most likely, I will try to publish my thoughts on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. This book was compiled by Maura Koulik. Although Angelus Press has run out of stock, the chances of purchasing it from a parish bookstore are still great. Even if you can't read it with me, maybe my reviews and thoughts will still help, like reading the spark notes version of Shakespeare: you don't get the beauty or the nuances, but the essence is still (hopefully) there.