Friday, July 31, 2015

Amazon Smile

I recently discovered that Amazon has a donation site up and running, called Amazon Smile, and as it's a Catholic's duty to help support the Church through any means available, I'd thought today I'd draw attention to this program.
It works just like ordering from Amazon. The only difference is, when you order something from Amazon Smile, a percentage of the purchase price goes to the charity of your choice, at no extra cost to you. So instead of buying a baby gate for $10, I'm spending probably $9.50 on the gate and $0.50 on charity (probably not even that much, but it's a good example).
I did a search for possible Traditional Catholic Charities by typing in SSPX, and found a lot. Many parishes are linked up through searching for that. I did a separate search for St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary, and they are my current charity. The new seminary, and the day to day running of the existing seminary, costs so much that it's important to do anything possible for them.

I'm also going to use this opportunity to tell you that I've signed up for the Amazon Affiliate program. If you click through these links to products, books, or media that I recommend, I get a percentage of the proceedings. I'll post at the top of each blog post that has these links, but they all are things that I honestly use, would use, and recommend.