Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lenten Reflections

Today is the half-way point through Lent. Finally, there are only 3.5 more weeks of Lent! As usual, I am recovering from a pretty bad version of whatever happens to be going around. Some background: God never likes the resolutions I pick for Lent, so every year, between the first and second weeks of Lent, He gives me the gift of illness. Nothing too serious, the flu, a cold, a bout of depression. But every time, it’s a very rigorous version.
This time, it was a head cold. Nothing major, except that since I’m pregnant, my immune system didn’t handle it too well. 8 days after I developed it, the cough was just getting worse, I had gone through almost a whole bottle of cough medicine and a lot of Claritin, so I went to the doctor. Of course, it had developed, so now I’m on antibiotics. 2 1/2 weeks of a cold... I really need to get better at picking resolutions!

My original resolutions included no sweets, trying to be a better wife & mother, and instead of fasting every day, abstaining from eating meat on Wednesdays and Saturdays, as well as Fridays. So, I can possibly claim that by taking care of myself, I’ve been taking care of my duty of state, I know that I haven’t had many sweets, even on feast days. And I have been good at only eating meat 4 days a week. That one has been pretty hard.

I’m looking forward to teaching the baby next year about why Lent is important, and even at 8 months, hopefully I can find ways to teach the importance of prayer, sacrifice, and almsgiving to the little one.