Saturday, February 22, 2014

Meditations on Pregnancy

Since I’ve been pregnant, I’ve had the opportunity to reflect on what this means spiritually. And especially since I’ve started feeling the baby move, a lot of questions and answers come up, with an opportunity both to learn and to teach.

After one of my aunts mentioned the amazing grace of being pregnant during Advent, I’ve been able to reflect on the concerns that I may share with Our Lady. She is the most perfect human, but human nonetheless. Did she also have the same concerns I have with traveling during the cold wintry weather? I had a lot of anxiety traveling to Midnight Mass this year, and was comforted by my family. Was she also worried about traveling during the coldest part of the year, and did the Child she was carrying calm her feelings? Did St. Joseph also worry about his wife and her child as they were traveling?

Another thought I’ve had is the fact that pregnancy is 9 months long. In the Catholic tradition, 9 is a number with meaning: it is the tradition of the novena, started with the time between the Ascension and Pentecost. Although pregnancy is technically 40 weeks, because of the solar calendar we follow, those weeks add up to 9 months. Pregnancy can be defined as the ultimate work of a woman with God, the creator of life. As such, it is a supremely holy matter, and the novena of nine months is symbolic.

The latest meditation was a week ago. I was in church, and I felt the baby move. However, I did not want to be distracted during the sermon, so I prayed to the baby’s Guardian Angel. He calmed the baby down, and I didn’t feel any movement until after Mass. The influence of our angels over our lives is important and can clearly be seen. My sister asked me how I got the baby to settle down, and I told her that I just prayed to its Guardian Angel. Although I always believed in the power of Guardian Angels, and pray to mine often, their power had never truly dawned on me until last week.