Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

Thanks to all my readers
With a new year comes new resolutions. One of mine is to take better care of my blog and its readers.

While today doesn't start the new Liturgical Year (that started November 30, 2015), it does start the new secular year, and is the typical place for people to start resolutions. Out of habit, I've taken today as my starting point, artificial as it may be. I have 6, addressing 5 different parts of my life and one overruling resolution.

  1. Motherhood & Marriage: Institute a weekly meeting with my husband to get on the same page; Sort through Eleanor's toys and books, separating them into things for her bedroom, things for the living room, toys to rotate and toys to give away.
  2. Homemaking: Related to resolution #3, I'm going to establish routines for our daily life and housekeeping.
  3. Personal Health & Wellness: To take care of my mental health, including both medicine, exercise, healthy eating, and possibly therapy.
  4. Spiritual: To be more diligent in my morning & evening prayers and daily Rosary; as a side, I'm also going to try to do my spiritual reading for 15 minutes a day, however, it's not a primary goal.
  5. Blogging: Blogging on a more regular schedule, aiming for 2-3 times a week.
And finally, my overruling resolution:
To revisit resolutions several times a year, specifically during Septuagesima, after Ascension Thursday, at the end of August (throwback to the beginning of the school year), and during the last week of the Time after Pentecost, and to implement changes and possible new resolutions at the beginning of Lent, Pentecost Sunday, September, and Advent.
May every one have a blessed New Year, may God bless your resolutions and make them fruitful, and rest assured that you remain in my prayers.