Thursday, April 10, 2014


Symbols of our Marriage Vows
This past week I was reminded of my wedding ceremony, specifically the prayers intended to bless the bride's ring.
"Bless, O Lord, this ring which we bless in Thy name, that she who shall wear it, keeping true faith unto her husband, may abide in Thy peace and will, and ever live in mutual charity."
 By accepting my ring, I promised to let my husband lead our family in everything that does not go against God's laws. Marriage today is often promoted as equal leadership, a balance of powers, where neither the husband nor the wife has ultimate authority. In my condition as a Catholic in a mixed marriage, I have a certain responsibility to my family to raise them as Catholics, and in all matters of faith and morals, I have to have authority to make final decisions. However, this is not an ideal arrangement, but a necessary one. As a wife, I must bow to my husband's decisions as head of household, and this means everything that is not a matter of faith and morals. Because of these circumstances, and the prevailing opinion in the world that a husband is no longer the head of the family, marriage today is very hard.
I have made steps this week to "keep true faith" to my husband, and thereby promote peace in our home, and thereby allow us to raise our children in mutual charity. God does work wonderfully, because during the first week of Passiontide I was able to truly reflect on obedience, and my weaknesses were made clear to me before our child is born.